About Us

Why YoYo Telco and How we can help you


Why Choose us?

YoYo Telco are a group of experienced, professional and friendly team made up of consultants, account managers and support technicians. We strive to deliver simple to complex voIP telephone, internet and mobile solutions to businesses, practices and or hospitals. Our speciality is the experience- having a telecom provider that is “there with you”. From the first phase of consultation to the end ; upon completion of setting up the phone system and supporting the customer we are there.

We provide a wide range of telecomm services to numerous industries around Australia – working with well trusted partners such as Optus and Telstra. YoYo Telco wants to offer  businesses and practices with an authentic, valuable and simple telephone system that they deserve at an affordable price.

Local Support

Unlike many other telecommunication companies- YoYo Telco provide the option for our customers to have a dedicated Local Support Team there to help with any telephone or internet issues. Our friendly, professional and experienced support techicians will be there for you- assisting on any issue you may have for your business or practice. Contact us today for more information.


What Makes Us Different.